Betting Exchange

UK betting exchange sites:


Betdaq Betting Exchange

BETDAQ betting users get more choice - to back or lay, to take the odds or ask for more, to bet anything from £2 to thousands of pounds. The odds available to BETDAQ betting exchange users average out at 20% better than those available from traditional betting outlets, with this applying to every betdaq betting event, every day.


Betfair Betting Echange

At Betfair betting exchange you get the best odds as you are betting against other punters not against a traditional bookmaker. Betfair odds are consistently around 20% better - if you don't believe betfair could possibly do this , then check out the Betfair betting exchange prices...

Offer odds to others via the betfair betting exchange: If you can't pick a winning horse/team, then pick a loser. Use the betfair betting exchange to offer odds to others against an outcome.