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Sporting Index was formed in April 1992 to specialise in sports spread betting. Today, sporting index are the clear leaders in the spread betting sector, having captured over 60% of the market. The ever-increasing popularity of sports spread betting has led to widespread recognition that Sporting Index provides a yardstick for others to follow.

Naturally Sporting Index have some special services, including:

A Free Spread Bet for every new user on a sport of their choice

Sporting Index are the only spreads firm that allows you to bet 24 / 7

Being the only sports spreads firm that allows you to bet instantly online

Generous Sporting Index betting promotions on a regular basis

As the World Leaders in sports spread bets, Sporting Index have the widest range of sports spred bets on football, horse racing, rugby, cricket, golf, tennis and NFL. They also have special betting markets on events such as Big Brother, Eurovision & Miss World.

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